Hello! My name is Victor and again, welcome! I'm an alumni of U of M Dearborn and received my B.S. of Computer Information Science in December 2018. I started learning about computers and programming in high school when my friend showed me that our school had a PC servicing and Programming class. That's were I first learned PC troubleshooting and C#. Since then I've expanded to learning ubuntu and C, C++, java, javascript, lisp, 68k assembly, php, MySQL, html, and css.

In my spare time I volunteer at events hosted by ACM, particularly scout events for boys and girls to earn their technology and programming badges. I also volunteer for science olympiad and started the Code Ninjas team at Lobbestael Elementary to teach the kids coding.

My goal right now is to find a career in my passion of computers inclduing, but not limited to web design, software development, or network engineering.